HAZRAT ADAM ALAIHISSALAM was the first man and Prophet of Allah. Quran tells us that Adam was created from dust (Imran, 3:58). He was created and was granted inspiration (Hijr, 1:28). He was created to rule on earth (Baqara, 2:30). Quran says that after creation of Adam, Allah said to the Angels: I am going to place a ruler in the earth. They said: Will Thou place in it such as would make mischief in it and shed blood? And we celebrate Thy Praise and extol Thy Holiness, He said: surely I know what you know not.

And He taught Adam all the names, then presented them to the angels, and said: tell Me the names of those if you are right.

They said: Glory be to Thee. We have no knowledge but that which Thou has taught us. Surely Thou art the knowing, the Wise.

Allah said: O Adam, inform them of their names. So when he informed them of their names. Allah said: did 1 not say to you that I know what is unseen in the heavens and the earth? And I know what you manifest and what you hide.

And when We said to the angels: be submissive to Adam, they submitted, but Iblis (did not). He refused and was proud, and he was one of the disbelievers.

And We said: O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat from it a plenteous (food) wherever you wish, and approach not this tree, lest you be of the unjust.

Rut the Devil made them slip from it, and caused them to depart from the state in which they were. And We said: go forth, some of you are the enemies of others. And there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time.

Then Adam received (revealed) Words from his Lord, and He turned to him (mercifully). Surely He is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful.

We said: go forth from this state all. Surely there will come to you a Guidance from Me, then those who follow My Guidance, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.

And (as to) those who disbelieve in, and reject Our Messages, they are the companions of the Fire; in it they will abide.

Adam lived in this world for about 1000 years. After him his son Shis, and after Shis his son Noah, and after Nosh his son Qalbitan, and after Qalbitan his son Mehla’eel, was the successor, and during the life time of all these the belief in the Unity of God was maintained.

After the death of Mehla’eel, however, the Satan succeeded in persuading his son to make an idol of Mehla’eel for “Ziarat” for all who visited his place. The practice of “Ziarat” continued for some time and thereafter the idol-worship started and took the form of religious practice.


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