Then came HAZRAT IDRIS ALAIHISSALAM (3284-3017 B. C.) (also known as Akhnookh or Enoch according to the Bible). Quran says that he was a man of truth and sincerety and a Prophet (Maryam, 19:56). He had higher position in this people. He kept himself in touch with his people and was honoured among them (Yusuf Ali, 2508). According to the Talmud Selections (pp. 18-21) when the people went astray, Enoch who used to live a pious life in seclusion was given prophethood. He came among the people and by his sermons and speeches made the people give up the idolatory and obey the Command of God.

He lived among his people for over 200 years and ruled them and during his reign there was peace and justice. According to Qasasul Ambia, he was a well-read man and Astrology was one of his prophetic miracles. He also started stitching of the clothes.


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