Similarly HAZRAT ISHAQ ALAIHISSALAM was also a Prophet (Maryam, 19:49). He was settled in Syria, and was deputed as a Prophet towards the people of Kan’aan. Allah says: We gave him (i.e. Ibrahim) the good news of Ishaq, a Prophet, a righteous one (Saaffaat, 37:112).

Ishaq had two sons—Ees and Yaqoob. Descendants of the former flourished in Alexandria and Rome. The city of Rome was actually named after the name of one of his sons namely Rome. Yaqoob was made a Prophet (Maryam, 19:49). He had twelve sons among whom Yusuf (Joseph) is very famous. He was a Prophet. All of them were first settled in Kan’aan. But later on, when Yusuf settled in Egypt and became a man of authority, Yaqoob, along with all of his other sons, also migrated to Egypt (Yusuf, 12:99).

While on the death bed, Yaqoob said to his sons: 0 my sons, surely Allah has chosen for you (this) religion (i.e. Islam), so die not unless you are the submitting ones (i.e. Muslims) (Baqara, 2:132). He also said to his sons: what will you serve after me? They said: we shall serve thy God and the God of thy fathers, Ibrahim and Ismail and Ishaq, One God only, and to Him do we submit (Baqara, 2:134).


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