After Idris, the people again started idol-worship. They made an idol of Idris himself and started worshipping it. According to Qasasul Ambia, this continued for several years HAZRAT NOOH ALAIHISSALAM (3800-2850 B. C.) appeared on the scene. According to Quran, the people of Nooh’s time had rejected the Apostles of God (Shu’ara, 26:105). They had lost all faith and surrendered themselves to the devil.

Nooh was sent to his people. He said, “I have come to you with a clear warning: that you serve none but Allah: verily I do fear for you the penalty of a Grievous Day” (Hood, II:25-26). But the unbelievers said: we see in thee nothing, we sec you like ourselves and only the meanest of us follow you, and we see no merit in you above us; in fact we think: you are liar” (Hood, 11:27). Nooh told them politely that “he has got a Message from God, that it is a Message of Mercy even in the warning, and that there can be no compulsion in religion, and that he seeks no reward from them but bears all insults they heap on him, for he looks to God rather than men”. He said, “if I drive the nearest who follow me, nobody is to help me against God”. But they said, “O Nooh! You have disputed with us, and prolonged the dispute with us, now bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you speak the truth” (Hood, 11:28-32). Nooh said “truly, God will bring it on you if He wills, and then you will not be able to thwart it” (Hood, 11:35).

God revealed to Nooh: none of your people will believe except those who have already believed. So grieve no longer on their evil deeds and construct an Ark (Boat). Nooh started constructing the Ark and the passers-by mocked at him. He said: if you ridicule us now, we in our turn can look down on you with ridicule likewise (Hood, 11:34-38).

Then there came the Command of Allah and the fountains of the earth gushed forth. Nooh and his followers were asked to embark upon the Ark and it started floating on the waves towering like mountains and every thing, excepting those in the Ark, were swept away completely. Ultimately the flood subsided by the Command of Allah and the Ark rested on Mount Judi (Hood, 11:39-44)—Judi is situated near the frontiers of modern Turkey, Iraq and Persia.

The story of the flood is found, in some form or the other, among all nations, and not only among those who follow the Mosaic Tradition. In Greek Tradition the hero of the flood is Deukalion in Indian Tradition it is Manu, in Chinese Tradition it is Shu-King, and so on.

Nooh lived in the world for about 900 years. The period of his life after the Flood is said to be of 30 years. During this period his sons and those who were saved in the Ark inhabited the earth again. According to Qasasul Ambia, the people of Arabia, Syria and Persia are the descendants of his-son Sam and those of India and Africa are the descendants of Haam, and those of Turkey are the descendants of Yafis.

Some time after Nooh the people again went astray, and started idol-worship. In Arabia the centre of idolatory was in Ahqaaf which was between Hijaz, Yeman and Yamama. They were the descendants of Aad who was the son of Aus, the son of Aram, the son of Sam, the son of Nooh.


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