The gracious personality of Mufti Mohammad Akmal Sahab does not need any introduction in the ‘Religious Literary Circle’. He is praised and loved by most of the Muslim community and has a devoted base of followers.

Mufti Muhammad Akmal Qadri is a renowned Relgious scholar. He is a Host of programme Ahkaam-e-Shariat, Dars-e-Bukhari Shareef and Al-Haadi on ARY QTV. In addition to these regular lectures he has authored many books Sharee-Ahkamat, Azmat-e-Ambiya, Sunat-e-Rasool SAW and App ke Masail which addresses various day-to-day topics that all Muslims fac in their daily lives; topics like Sifaat-e-Parwardigaar, Tauba, Pakeezgi, Wuzu, Maiyat Aur Ghusl Ka Tareeqa and much more.

His DVDs on critical topics like Sharee Ahkamat, Tadabbur-e-Quran and Manasik-e-Hajj are very popular and widely praised due to the depth knowledge being presented in the most audience friendly tone; leaving no confusion and giving the clear understanding of the topic. Surely these work of his is a Sadqa-e-Jaria which will keep bringing him rewards for generations.